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Before you bring your pets in to see us,

we have to verify vaccinations.

All Vaccinations

listed below

must be given 5 days prior

by a licensed Vet in order to be effective. 

 To make reservations

contact our office at


or 318-742-7388.

Please fill out a

new client application


to arrival

Canine Vaccinations


  • Bordetella


  • Rabies


  • MUST BE FREE OF FLEAS & TICKS - If flea/tick are present on your pet, a CAPSTAR will be given and charged to your account. 

  • AS OF JANUARY 1, 2022, PROOF MUST BE SHOWN OF ALL DOGS ON HW PREVENTION.  (If your dog is not on HW Prevention, you are putting its life at risk) 

Many vets will not include Bordetella or the Influenza vaccination as a yearly OR booster vaccination,

please ask your vet if they have given this vaccination. Bordetella is required every 6 months to board or doggie daycare. 

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