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Ian Somerhalder Foundation

This foundation is close to our hearts....and we are proud supporters and advocates...visit the link below and you will see how to get involved..for change!

It's simply chic for the furry elite!

720 Azalea Drive

Shreveport, LA 71106

(Adjacent to Pierremont Mall)

Phone: 318.946.8563

Fax: 318.946.8564

Stop Animal Cruelty

Educate Yourself on the

Facts First!

Join the

To report Animal Cruelty

in Shreveport

call (318) 226-6624

Remember-you may be the one

to get action taken!

We are their voice.

Animal Welfare Inc. of Shreveport, LA.

A 501 (c) 3 non-profit humane organization which has been helping pets, pet owners, and the community since 1979 !

(318) 221-0053

Gloria Freeman, President

Visit the website and view the pets

that need forever homes!

Petco Low Cost Vaccinations

Click on Link for Store Events and Dates of Scheduled Vaccinations!

This service is VERY affordable and

should be promoted and praised!

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