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Your Pet Butler LLC adoptable pets as of October 2013

Rescuing animals is a very costly endeavor.

We do it because we love the creatures who need our help. In the event you choose to adopt a rescue below, an application is required to be filled out and signed.

We allow you to FOSTER the dog you are interested in for THREE DAYS. This trial will allow you to become aware of the pet and how it fits into your home without being forced to take a pet you decide isn't a good fit.

All adoptions have a fee of $100 (unless specifically stated) which are accepted in the form of a donation to Your Pet Butler LLC for the benefit of Paying It Forward for the next pet that needs us and that we take in.

The $100 donation per pet goes to administering the following

which are good for 1 year from date given:

  • Rabies

  • Dhlpp

  • Bordetella

  • Flea Prevention

  • Spay/Neuter surgery

  • Heartworm occult and if applicable ...heart worm monthly preventive.

  • And All Boarding Costs associated with the adoptable pet.

  • Pet Collar and Tag with new owners information.

In most cases, the dogs we rescue are considered heart worm


We begin a low dose monthly preventive which is considered the Slow

Kill treatment which is supervised by a vet.


We take very good care of our dogs and expose them to socialization thru our doggie daycare program at Your Pet Butler.

They are trained to be indoor pets and to have good behavior.


Bethany is a short haired Shepard mix. She is almost 2 yrs old and is full grown at 45lbs. Her story begins in a small rural shelter in Glen Rose, Texas. She was found as a stray and pregnant with a liter of puppies. She gave birth and all of the pups found homes thanks to the hard work of the shelter she was at. Due to space, she was scheduled to be euthanized.

We rescued her from the shelter just in time on August 21, 2013.

She was spayed thru Robinson's Rescue in September 2013 and has a green mark (tattoo) to identify her procedure.

Why we LOVE her:

She absolutely loves other dogs of all sizes and all dogs love her.

She is housebroken and crate trained and has never had an accident inside!

She loves toys.

She can sit when asked.

She loves to swim....and will take a dip in the pool at her choosing.

She is easy to groom her hair dries fast if towel dried.

She follows you around and will quietly lay beside you.

She enjoys being outside and is used to a doggie door.

She loves the doggie door.

She loves to snuggle.

She loves loves loves treats...and people food..(thanks to foster mom Paige Treadwell)

She rides in the car really well.

She likes sleeping in her own doggie bed.

She never jumps on you.

She is very submissive to big and small dogs.

What YOU need to know:

Bethany is not leash trained. We are working on it with a harness.

She is timid around new people but will overcome shyness fairly fast.

She loves to find a little tight place to lay to sleep, it makes her feel secure.

She likes to get on the couch and we don't mind.

If she gets excited...she has been known to find something that smells like her humans and drag it around with her.

She likes to steal toilet paper....and loves to eat it!

She doesn't like to be yelled at and will go hide.

She is not food, toy, or treat aggressive at all.

She adores bones and loves to flaunt them in front of others.

The trash can, if left unattended, is her kryptonite.


Baker Boy is a short haired bull terrier/boxer mix. He is around 1-2 yrs old and fully grown at 45 lbs. He is a handsome fella that is super friendly and has a big personality.

His story begins at a small rural shelter in Glen Rose, Texas.

He was picked up as a stray and due to be euthanized due to space. We rescued him at the same time we rescued Bethany and Dougie. He was neutered thru Robinson's Rescue in September 2013 and has a green mark (tattoo) on his belly. The minute Baker saw us...he knew that we were hooked.  

Why WE love Baker:

He loves loves loves other dogs...big...medium or very small.

He loves the Dog TV channel and will watch tv.

He loves to wrestle and is gentle with small breeds.

He loves to be held and to sleep next to you.

He will cuddle with other dogs.

He is leash trained.

He LOVES TO GO FOR A RIDE! He prefers to sit on the console of the car.

He is completely house broken.

He loves to use the doggie door at his leisure.

He can be trusted to stay inside by himself or with another pet.

He can HOWL on command.

He Can't Live without Toys that SQUEAK!!!!!

He knows how to sit.

He loves to jump over things and can jump pretty high.

He is not food or treat or toy aggressive at all.

He can't get enough of playing with other dogs.

He is easily groomed.

He loves doggie daycare on a regular basis.

What YOU need to know:

He does not like to be crated.

He can jump baby gates if he wants to.

He can jump 4ft fences in a single bound!

He hogs the bed.

He hogs the couch.

He is a food hog...but in a cute way.

He likes to be spoiled.

He likes to jump up to greet you.


Dougie is a blonde haired Curr/Retriever mix. He is around 1-2 years old and is fully grown and healthy at 55 lbs.

His story begins at a small rural shelter in Glen Rose, Texas.

He was picked up as a stray and due to be euthanized due to space. We rescued him at the same time we rescued Bethany and Baker. His eyes made our heart melt. He is already neutered and microchipped.

Why WE love Dougie:

He is crate trained on command and will sit in his crate and not make a peep.

He is completely house broken.

He uses the doggie door to let himself out.

He enjoys doggie daycare.

He loves other dogs of all sizes.

He prefers to sleep on the floor.

He can sit on command.

He is leash trained and rides in the car well.

He is easily groomed and doesn't require much more than regular baths.

He likes toys and to play tug of war.

He is not food or toy aggressive.

He is very active and loves to jump really high.

He can be trusted alone in the house or with other pets.

He loves to swim.

He has the most beautiful eyes.

He is very very smart and trains easily.

Things YOU need to know:

He can clear a four foot and six foot fence.

He can be a little vocal if another dog tries to take his chew bone.

He is very active & requires exercise the form of a walk or doggie daycare.

He would make a great dog in a house or apartment.


Linnie is a short haired pitt mix. She is two years old and has been looking for her forever home for more than a year. She is 55 lbs and still a puppy. She came from a dire situation, and was living on

Linwood Ave. in Shreveport, La. at an abandoned warehouse under some concrete stairs. She had her back foot severed and was in pain but she never showed it. After a trip to the Emergency Vet on Line Ave, she was treated and came to live with us at Your Pet Butler.

She is house trained and spayed. She is also current on all vaccinations.

She loves all dogs and to play in doggie daycare.

There isn't a mean bone in this sweet girls body and all she wants to do is kiss you.

She is a very active dog and will require attention and exercise.


Sugar is a short haired mix that weighs a healthy 55 lbs. She is spayed and is up to date on all vaccines. Sugar is a sweet girl and is house broken and loves to be indoors snuggling with her family. She also likes other dogs and enjoys going to daycare to play. She would make a great dog for someone who lived in a smaller apartment or condo because she is leash trained.


Reggie is a sweet laid back boy that loves other dogs and is really mellow. He is shy at first but warms up quickly. He likes to howl when he feels comfortable around you. And he is house trained and will sleep on his own bed. He has been neutered and microchipped thru the Ft Worth Texas Animal Control where we rescued him from death row. He is up to date on all vaccines. He is heart worm positive but has been started on heart worm preventative which is considered the slow kill treatment. He is around 70 lbs and is easily groomed with a bath. He loves to come to daycare and has won the hearts of all the Pet Butler employees. Please come meet sweet Reggie!

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