Your Pet Butler LLC   - Modern Pet Hotel & Services for the Distingushed Paw
Before you bring your pets in to see us, 
we have to verify vaccinations.

All Vaccinations listed below
must be given 5 days prior
by a licensed Vet in order
                     to be effective. 
To sign up please contact our office at 
and fill out a 
new client application 
to reservation request 
for any and all services.

Please print a copy of our 
Terms & Conditions
Yearly Canine Vaccinations
  • Bordetella* EVERY 6 MONTHS
  • Rabies
***  Most vets will not include Bordetella or the Influenza vaccination as a yearly OR  booster vaccination,
so please ask your vet if they have given this vaccination.
 Yearly Feline Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • Feline Leukemia
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