Your Pet Butler LLC   - Modern Pet Hotel & Services for the Distingushed Paw
Welcome to the modern pet spaw! 
We specialize in the latest grooming trends.
We offer packages and specials so call 759-PETS for the details!
Grooming Spaw Services –
 We offer a full suite of Grooming services. You can request anything from a pure breed style cut to just a basic bath. 
  • Show and Standard grooming cuts by appointment with one of our Certified Groomers 5 days a week!
  • Each groom service includes:
  • Cleaning of the eye area, ears and anal glands!
  • A Standard Nail trim with or without polish!
  • High grade Specialty shampoo designed and customized for your pets skin and coat.
  • Also included if chosen-- a bandana, bows and cologne.
Standard Baths
Baths are based upon coat , size and amount of time needed to dry!
Pets Under 10 lbs                             -Rate $10
Pets Over 10 lbs but under 40lbs   -Rate $20
Pets Over 40 lbs                               -Rate $30 and up
 Your pet will be brushed out to prepare for a bath. 
 Then your pet will be bathed with an all natural organic shampoo of your choice.
 They will be thoroughly rinsed then hand dried or by way of a cage dryer.  Also included is a good ear cleaning and a standard nail trim!
Fluff and Dry
We will blowout your pets coat for an additonal $10.
Regular Spaw Nail Trim  $5.00
Dogs, unlike humans, walk on their toes.  All dogs need their nails clipped unless they are active on surfaces such as cement and tarred roads that will naturally wear their nails down.  When a dog’s nails are too long it can interfere with their gait, and as nails continue to grow it can make walking awkward.  Nails are likely to split and tear when they are too long which can be very painful.  There are two easy ways to tell if your dog’s nails are too long.  If you can hear a clicking sound when you dog walks, the nails are too long.  If you can see your dog’s nails curve beyond the bottom of your dog’s toe pad then the nails are too long.  Make an appointment today to make sure your best friend’s toes are stress free.

Spaw Dremmel    $10 and Up
This includes the Spa Nail Trim with the smoothing and buffing of your best friend’s nails to reduce scratching your flooring, and you. 

Spaw Nail Polish  $5
Pep up those pretty paws with a polish in the color of your choice!  We only use safe “made for dogs” polish to keep your pet safe while vamping up his or her style.
(Polish is included on all grooms if requested)
Spaw Dental Treatment $10.00
You may not realize that your dog can get many of the same gum diseases that we as humans can.   Regular and thorough teeth brushing can freshen breath and cut down on your vet bills when it comes to teeth cleaning.  The Spa Dental Package includes gum massage and a teeth brushing with a tooth paste your dog will surely love!  A take home brush and dental bone is included.
                                                               Petattoos $10.00 & Up
A safe and fun way to express what your pet has always wanted to say!  This temporary art is so cute and trendy!  Other pets will be envious!
 You can even have your pet support your favorite football team like Bella does...,
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